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I am a designer that communicates strong concepts through various mediums such as visual identity, modern and traditional media, with digital presence and event activation. I am passionate about art direction, strategy and planning.

As a designer I am able to both follow instructions with diligence and take the lead when the opportunity presents itself. I strive to always present my work and myself in a professional way and I thrive under pressure.

I’m a strategic thinker. I plan, I solve problems and I organise – whether it’s big responsibilities or the stationery on my desk.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”CONFUCIUS

Loilyn Coetzee graduated from the Open Window School of Visual Commmunication with a BA(Visual Communication) with a specialisation in Film Arts. Her speciality includes communication design and her experience lies in digital marketing.

Loilyn grew up in the “platteland” before exchanging her love for the countryside for the urban adventures that Johannesburg and Pretoria brought her.

She is married and currently playing house house with her two baby girls, but she does take on some contract based consultation and freelance work from time to time

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